Rosecliff Tavern’s lunch and dinner specials change every week. Make sure you come back and check out what’s on the menu for the week! Check out our Drink Specials too.


SPECIALS ~ November 13-18


kentucky hot brown open-faced turkey, bacon, ham, and cheese sauce baked on italian toast w/ fries and slaw
texas toothpicks chicken, cheese, onions, and peppers wrapped in flour tortillas fried w/ beans, rice, and cheese sauce


meatball and pepperoni melt pepperoni, meatballs, meat sauce, and provolone wheel on grilled italian w/ fries and slaw
penne con sausage sausage, hot peppers, and onion over penne w/ salad and bread


hot beef sandwich open-faced on italian w/ mashed potatoes and vegetables
chicken marsala grilled chicken and marsala sauce w/ roasted potatoes and vegetables


Closed – Happy Thanksgiving!


monterey chicken sandwich grilled chicken, hot pepper, cheese, bbq sauce, bacon, onion straws, lettuce, and pico on hard roll w/ fries and slaw
grilled NY strip NY strip steak, baked potato, and vegetable


combo sandwich w/ fries
turkey rueben w/ fries


cream of mushroom

*Specials and soup subject to availability and may change*